Consulting. Planning. Implementing.

Logistics consulting FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.




Logistics Kaposvar, Hungary: Comparison of the alternatives of delivery and warehouse layout for the Kaposvar site.


Efficiency analysis of the yeast dough line: Analysis of the production and packing process for yeast dough products, elaboration of improvement measures.


Draw up of a "Company wide logistics mission statement" embracing all existing production and logistic sites; draw up of a catalogue defining all planning basics including a capacity modell, production and logistics strategy, options for production and logistics planning, selection of these options and recommendation for the realisation by progressive stages.



Master plan for the expansion of the central warehouse in two stages with integration of the sister company Rau.


Rough concept consideration of the amplification of the new export warehouse in the form of an automated high bay warehouse.


Verification of prospective expansion plan for production site in the 17th district: analysis of material flow modifications at the production site in Vienna's 17th district due to supply chain adaptions (production machinery and quantity shifting from Perg into the 17th district), capacity analysis, scenario planning, design of possible logistic conveyer technology (carton, pallet) incl. budgeting.


Review and tendering of warehouse logistics: evaluation of an internally conducted site analysis with subsequent re-tendering of logistics services.


Execution of a tender for the Austrian-wide Distribution (warehousing and transport): Analysis of actual situation (material flows, processes, interfaces etc.), elaboration of tender document, definition of list of bidders, execution of tender, evaluation of offers.


Master planning of logistics of temperature controlled goods as well as of recycled valuable materials in the course of the overall project. Extension meat operations at the location MIGROS East in Gossau/Switzerland (ATP / Foodfab).


Concept study for a deep-freeze buffer warehouse in the course of the construction of a meat plant in Kursk (Russia): Development of planning principles, development of different technical concepts, economic comparison of the variants (on behalf of ATP architekten ingenieure).


Optimisation and redesign of the repacking process: Definition of the general conditions and processes for an optimised controlling and preparation of the repacking processes through determination of dispatchign categories. Analysis of the main customers. Identification of the maintainance measures impact on the repacking machine output. Definition of prospective processes and working hours models.


Comparison of logistics costs of three storage and distribution companies: Benchmarking and deduction of potential.

Optimisation concept regarding production and distribution logistics at the production site in Ottakring (Vienna) due to a significant storage surface reduction and adaption of the traffic concept.


Expansion of the Nüziders site: Support of the Foodfab company with regard to implementation support and acceptance of automatic high-bay warehouses 02 and conveyor technology extensions.


Company wide logistics mission statement on the whole distribution logistics in Austria, Germany and the bordering countries, development of conceptional aims, draw up of a warehousing concept and layout for the new cold store warehouse in Wels.

Analysis and conception central supply.

Commercial and technical evaluation and optimization of the planning of the suppliers.


Master planning in scenarios for the expansion of final production and logistics facilities: Development of plan quantity frameworks, bottleneck analysis of production and logistics, planning of expansion scenarios in variants for production and logistics including traffic concepts, comparison of variants including implementation recommendation.

Automated finished goods warehouse as a wood structure (!) at Ebensee site: Planning, tender and assistance with implementation.


Draw up of a future oriented central warehouse concept for the Salzburg site: creation of planning basics, elaboration of the planning of alternatives, evaluation of the alternatives and selection of the preferred alternative. Detail examination of the connection between the central warehouse and the production space.


Alternative distribution concept for ice-cream and deep-frozen products for supplying bulk-consumer distribution partners
Invitation to tender for storage and transport.