Consulting. Planning. Implementing.

Logistics consulting FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.




Implementation support: customer support concerning warehouse realisation, controlling, definition of system specifications, construction and installation supervision.


Development of a Profit Center Analysis, set up of Sales Controlling for AKPS, Gütersloh (Germany).

Determination of status and basic decision information regarding the ERP system.

Quick check: strategy and potential analysis on all company divisions for AKPS, Gütersloh (Germany).

Quick check production und logistics: Potential analysis covering all printing companies in Italy.


Support of tender and granting: Transports to Russia incl. dispersion within the country.

Logistics concept and detailed planning for the expansion of the central warehouse in Altenmarkt.



Draw up of a site concept for the distribution in Europe: Comparison of sites and supply chain model for optimized logistics in Europe.


Elaboration of a master plan for the integration of a recently acquired neighbouring site and centralisation of various storage areas which were located in different parts of the premises including the elaboration of a plan for possible steps of a future expansion.


Optimisation of transport logistics for BOS and BBE: analysis of route handling and organisation with own and external fleet, development of improvement measures, tendering of transport services

BOSCH Deutschland

Support at the realization of a system for the handling of containers and paletts including a high bay racking for paletts and a container shuttle system.


Material flow optimisation and master planning: design of functional areas and allocation of production ressources to divisions, layout design according to the optimal material flow, optimisation of the internal transportation routes, traffic circulation concept, scenario planning, budgeting.


Elaboration of an optimised material flow and a layout for the new production building incl. design of the assembly, technology


Planning support concerning  relocation of production site Winterthur to Baltersvil. Relocation of production site: material flow and layout planning incl. necessary machinery, peripheral equipment and detailled surface planning according to lean management principles.


Revision of Masterplanning “Pharmacy Centre” 2006 (production of pharmaceutical foils under cleanroom conditions): location of machines, storage areas, material flow concept, layout, inventory management, traffic concept for the whole site.


Verification and adaption of the previous Masterplan (2003) due to an upcoming major investment: Inquiry and documentation of changing market requirements together with adaptions of the supply chain strategy across the group, development of resulting short and long term expansion steps, preparation of catalogue of measures according to the new situation (new sourcing cycles, additional available surface for expansion, construction regulations, etc.), budgeting.


Optimization of production planning: analysis of the current situation, development of target processes including the necessary system support, planning of implementation measures


Quick check logistics: Analysis of the distribution logistics regarding efficiency of storing and organization, deduction of optimization potential, as basis for the logistics strategy.


Development of a Masterplan for an extension of the distribution centre: Revision of already existing layouts of the architect considering logistics aspects and ideal processes/workflow. Adaption of the supply chain strategy and development of a Masterplan to cope with current and future market needs.


Integrated logistics planning for the production site in Wr. Neudorf: Development of a Masterplan due to an upcoming major investment, analysis of the material flow in production and logistics, formulation of meaningful expansion steps and alternatives.


Warehouse equipment planning for a new building called "Leistungszentrum Industrietechnik" (High performance centre industrial engineering) in variants with regard to material flow, warehouse technology and layout. Comparison of variants and realisation recommendation.


Analysis transport logistics


Analysis of the present distribution structure and comparison of the present distribution cost with the ECONSULT benchmarks in order to deduct potentials thereof.


Optimization of logistics: Short analysis of the processes in the warehouse and the fulfillment of requirements, development of target processes and short-term measures.


Spare parts centre: analysis and optimization of the existing layout as well as expansion.


Logistics check and workshop: Potentials in production, warehousing and distribution.



Master planning production hall: Analysis of the present situation, draw up of the planning basics, elaboration of a material flow adjusted layout, cost estimation.


Global Production Footprint-Modell: Development of a modell in order to evaluate different concepts of production within the Palfinger group via illustration with the help of the ECONSULT-SCD-Modell. This was followed by the calculation of parts of the production in order to verify the validity of the tool.


Development of an optimized warehouse concept for the Taufkirchen site that is adapted to the proposed quantities.

Master planning production hall.

Support of spare parts stress testing: enquiry of test content, process limits, test method, test parameter and measurement instruments, test preparation, support of stress test execution, derivation of improvement measures.


Analysis of the processes using the examples of 3 selected sites, estimation of the potential when optimizing the maintainance, review of the strategic goals of the management, draw-up of a concept considering the circumstances at Prangl concerning the maintainance including  guidelines for the procurement, draw-up of a realisation concept for 2 sites.
Concept development for workshop and warehousing including adaption of IT support processes.


Project support in the reorganization of the operational handling of logistics with a new service provider incl. project management and monitoring.

Support and monitoring of the follow-up project for further optimizations of the logistics process.


Critical analysis of the existing production site structure and the whole European Supply Chain Logistics. Creating a "Supply Chain Simulation Model" in order to illustrate the actual situation finding optimization potentials.


Revision of the logistics concept at the production site in St. Pölten: stock analysis, capacity check, buffer design regarding integration of an automated packing line for decoupling the processes paper roll cutting, packing and warehousing. Budgeting and ROI-calculation.


Analysis of alternative technical solutions for the receipt of goods at the hardening shop. Revision of planning basics, planning of alternatives, comparison of alternatives including recommendation of realisation.


Logistics analysis of the warehouse sites in Eilsleben and Feuchtwangen, Germany. Comparison of facility sites between both German sites and the site in Taufkirchen, Austria. Analysis of possible "optimizations of capacity" covering all three sites.

Development of a warehouse concept for the Taufkirchen site that is adapted to the proposed quantities. Enquiry and analysis of the present situation; Definition of target guidelines; extrapolation following the targets concerning the development of sales trend; draw up, evaluation and selection of scenarios of solutions, selection of the preferred alternative.


Integrated logistics planning for the production site in Ober-Grafendorf: Analysis of logistic and production processes, development of optimisation measures regarding strategic short and longterm company goals, design of ideal storage and production layout.


SILTRAN: Analysis and optimisation of internal and intra-company logistic as well as monitoring of the implementation of proposed measures. Tendering of truck transports, implementation of controlling tools.


Analysis of the entire business process chain (sourcing, sales, production & logistics) focusing on overall optimization of material management at both production sites: Consideration of partially very long lead times of basic material /semi-finished goods and long internal production cycles together with strongly alternating order scheduling.

Analysis of assembling line Alpha 6 concerning optimisation potential: Organisation of material flow according to lean management principles, configuration of workstations and processes according to ergonomic principles, definition and balancing of cycle times according to optimisations, definition of optimisation measures, design of assembling line layout.


Retrofit project: Replacement of the existing system for warehouse administration and material flow control at the Triesen site. Enquiry of the present situation by documentation of processes, definition target requirements, creation of a functional specification sheet, collection of concepts of bidders, selection of bidders and general decision in favour of one system.

Amplification of the supply-chain-modell for an optimized global goods supply in the field of consumer goods: Differenciation of possible commodity flow scenarios for the north American market with or without sites for regional warehouses in Northern America.

Logistics strategy for consumer products from SWAROVSKI: Expansion of limit capacity of existing distribution center, development of supporting control tools, master plan for maximum expansion, supply chain model for optimizing worldwide flows of goods. Design of a Supply-Chain-Modell in order to supply the Chinese market with fashion products.


Material-flow concept, process optimization and tender specifications for a warehouse management system.


Pilot project workstation organisation: Optimisation of the current workstation organisation ob the basis of a representative workstation.


Optimization of the internal logistics at Wels site, Vogelweiderstrasse: Optimization of the logistic processes and determining factors, draw up of a catalogue of requirements for a warehouse management system and support of the selection of the best partner for implementation.


Development new business strategy: market analysis, strength and weakness analysis, strategic orientation and business planning.


Masterplanning for the production site extension: layout design and development of a functional concept concerning adaption of the production site due to changes of the  manufacturing requirements and QM-guidelines, development of the planning base, deriving of surface allocation including adapted machinery location, implementation concept and budgeting.


Planning of an automatic small-parts warehouse and supply concept for the production: planning of an automatic bin warehouse based on a master plan developed during an earlier project and consolidation to a material supply concept for production.

Masterplanning for the Dornbirn Site: Analysis of material flows, definition of planning criteria, elaboration of masterplan with areas for production, material handling, finish products and administration; detailed concept for the material supply of the factory.