Consulting. Planning. Implementing.

Logistics consulting FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.




- Short Study - Structures and requirements of the Austrian logistics market.

- Compilation of a cost-optimizing concept for the direct delivery in projects of network expansion and business clients as well as of spare parts logistics.

ARGE SETA South East Transport Axis

Terminal evaluation: basic assessment and evaluation concerning the functions of intermodal terminals along the SETA-corridor.


Rolling Motorway - Evaluation of possibilities for the implementation of a new service to Regensburg.


Study "Sustainabe transport through channelisation" in the scope of the ECR-initiative: development of a study based on current data to illustrate potential channelisation impacts (in terms of space and time) of Unilever and Mars regarding austrianwide distribution of parts of their product range.



E-Maritime: EU research project for the evaluation of future requirements for logistics tools in shipping (maritime and inland waterways) with the aim of automating information flows and processes.


Development of strategy options for the terminal concept of Austria regarding all sites for combined transport. Accompanying coordination of a comprehensive stakeholder process with the Austrian terminal operators.

Development of a national RTI roadmap for the innovation in the field of mobility of goods within the programme for research funding "Mobility of the Future".

Freight carrier analysis for the mobility conception of the Austrian Republic.


WiGiB - Correlation of impacts in urban mobility: Exploring these interactions and creating an easy-to-use, intuitive tool for users in practice to identify the expected impact of measures and means of intervention.

See details (German only): Mobiltät der Zukunft

EMILIA - Electric Mobility for Innovative Freight Logistics in Austria: Evaluation of the use of electric driven vans and cargo tricycles for the purpose of goods transports on the last mile including tour optimization and life testings and cost controlling.


EMILIA on youtube:

InnoTRAIL - Innovative Tyrolean regional concept for an Alpine intermodal logistics terminal. Examination of development and extension options of the intermodal location Hall in Tirol.

IMPALA: Check to what extent intermodal nodes are suitable as urban logistics centres for the regional disperson with electric vehicles.

GüMoS - Goods mobility in cities (in co-operation with Herry Consult and Schachinger): Identification of evaluation criteria from the cities', the operators' and the projects' point of view in order to evaluate research projects on goods mobility in cities. Draw up of correspondent mission statements.

ILoS: Definition of indicators to describe savings potential of transport routes in urban areas regarding current traffic information and the development of proper quantification methods for transport route analysis.


Potential analysis of waterborne transport for the Port of Vienna within the EU-project INWAPO.


- Feasibility study feeder line Götzis - analysis of requirements, estimation of potential and master planning for the construction of a feeder line for the public maintenance service in Götzis. Development of an overall concept for engineering and managing the railways.

- Pre-feasibility study concerning the construction of a private railway feeder line at the location in Götzis. Support for the setup and submission of a grant application for a detailed feasibility study at the national support authority.


- Smart Urban Logistics - co-ordination and moderation of the process to develop the Smart Urban Logistics Initiative. Conception and monitoring of projects supporting the topic as well as assistance at the planning of a possible support programme.

- Workshop Smart Urban Logistics within the programme of the "Smart Cities Week 2013 Vienna" - organisation and presentation of a thematic workshop concerning urban freight transports.

- Smart Urban Logistics - support in content and organisation for the implementation of a platform in the framework of the Smart Urban Logistics Initiative.

KWF Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds

Conception of a development and operating model for the logistics location Fürnitz with a focus on logistics services and the connected terminal for combined transport. Preparation of an implementaiton plan and support for preparatory actions.


InfoServ: Basic information and services concerning the boarder crossting transport logistics from Austria to Czech Republic
Traisental Phase 1: Master conception for the continuation of the rail freight business in the Traisental

Traisental Phase 3: Implementation of the takeover of the 17 km long public railway line from Freiland to St. Aegyd as a private feeder line. Set up of all necessary regulatory and legal regulations.


Study on rail feeder line system - Elaboration of a study regarding the present situation of the rail feeder line system in Austria. Deployment of solutions and proposed measures to improve and enhance the usage of rail feeder lines. A handbook was published in cooperation with major stakeholders regarding rail feeder lines in Austria.


Quickcheck of the existing warehouse management system with regard to required and implemented functionalities.

Masterplanning for a new distribution centre: analysis and optimisation of current processes, development of planning base and masterplan scenarios according to varying longterm expansion scenarios.


Tender logistics services for webshop

Railway concept for construction site soil tranport: The new headquarter SMART CAMPUS will be realised in Wien Simmering. Development of a railway concept to transport the soil from the construction site. Application of the project in the KLIEN-call "Lighthouse projects for branch- and regional-logistics".

Realisation support at the project for the new headquarter SMART CAMPUS in Wien Simmering. Support at planning and realisation (call for tender and realisation support) for all workshop and logistics facilities (central warehouse and ancillary warehouses, workshop for metall and wood works as well as for services, test ranges for transformers, garage, chemical laboratory, ...).