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Supply Chain Design

Out of various supply chain alternatives ECONSULTS finds the one where cost and services are optimized for your requirements. Critical parameters such as transport cost can be variied with the help of a sensitivity analysis in order to identify the effects on the supply chain alternatives.


Transport Logistics

From the transport analysis, the consideration of processes, quantities, costs and structures, to the transport tender or contract design, the transport structures are evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively or suitable concepts are developed. Also for the ever-increasing CEP share.


Fleet and Garage Management

With the help of fleet and garage management systems all relevant information as p.e. truck master data, data of maintenance and services, etc. can be bundled in one system. This can be used to deduct quintessences.


Site Selection and Optimization

The selection of the optimal logistics locations is an essential prerequisite for a transport cost or performance-optimised supply. Our optimisation model takes into account current and expected transport volumes, cost developments and regional parameters.


Supply Chain Risk Management - SCRM

The goal is to proactively identify, analyse and assess risks and vulnerabilities of the supply chain. Resulting from this counter measures to avoid those risks are derived, e.g. dual sourcing, as well as contingency plans in case of critical failure.


Transport Information


The correct selection and the optimized usage of transport information systems, the monitoring of position and routing, times, consumption data, etc. garanties a unique and after all continuous information basis in order to control transport processes.


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