Consulting. Planning. Implementing.

Logistics consulting FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.


Logistics Statement and Strategy

The common definition of planning principles derived from the analysed present situation and the prospectives of the expected development provide the basis. Built on these parameters different logistics scenarios will be developped, evaluated and a clear recommendation for implementation will be deducted.


Logistics Master Planning

Derived from the clear logistics strategy of the company and optimized logistics processes the future needed operational infrastructure (logistics and production) will be developed and documented in the terms of a master planning (construction, techniques, IT).


Warehouse and Conveyor Techniques

Monitoring of warehouse projects, from manually operated to highly automizated sites, no longer considering the alternatives, from planning, to call for tender, realization support to implementation.


Warehouse Optimization and Retrofit

The optimizations contain measures in the fields of layout, materials flows, warehouse and conveyor techniques, processes, IT-systems and staff assignment. Retrofit (renewal of the control resp. components) ensures the further functionning of older automized warehouse technique systems.


Warehouse Management and Controlling

Based on optimized designed processes and clear defined requirements concepts will be elaborated, tender documentation drawn up, possible partners for realization neutrally evaluated, specifications defined and the whole implementation accompanied.


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