Consulting. Planning. Implementing.

Logistics consulting FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION.




Elaboration of a planning catalogue including benchmarking and sales outlook, design of a logistics strategy. Check of range of articles and suppliers, assignment of the articles to a logistics channel, definition of need of space and warehouse equipment.

Based on that design of a layout as a basis for the construction of the new logistics centre.


LOX delivery processes: Comparison of delivery options between central and decentral filling of the oxygene tanks.


Examination of the new fresh logistics via service provider and development of a process oriented model for the calculation of services for the new fresh logistics in the central warehouse.

Development of an Emergency Concept for the logistics division.

Supervision and optimisation of distribution centre operations: quick check warehousing operations, deriving of improvement measures and implementation.

Enterprise logistics concept: Analysis of actual situation, corporate strategy and logistics mission statement, overall logistics concept, outsourcing for central warehouse and shipments (range of dry and fresh products)


Calculation of the AS-IS EMEA supply chain cost of four existing DCs in Austria, France, Germany and Great Britain and future development scenarios using the SCD Tool and growth estimations. Calculation of capacity and qualitative effects of transfers between national organizations, determination of project plan for implementation incl. budgeting.

Quick check DC Moscow - expertise on the logistics performance of the logistics service provider incl. proposals for improvement.

Supply Chain Concept: Development of a world-wide supply chain concept based on activity costs.
Implementation support centralisation gliding range winter sports.
Evaluation of a new European warehouse location.
Design of a global logistic strategy.


Elaboration of a company wide logistics concept, planning of a central distribution centre.

Logistics audit of the entire supply chain - strengths and weaknesses analysis, proposals for improvements, basis for a target concept for retail as well as for logistics.


Feasibility studies on logistics services for the supply of an organic branch chain: Preparation of corresponding strategic decision-making bases regarding logistics on the basis of the feasibility study prepared jointly


Draw up of a concept for the goods-in/goods-out area at the central warehouse site in Kapfenberg: Weaknesses analysis of the present situation, compilation of size data static and dynamic, planning of alternative approaches, selection of the alternative.



Update optimization of warehouse locations in Austria.

Re-structuring of the Austrian organization, redistribution of tasks towards newly implemented organizational units such as SCM and documents management. Definition and design of the new processes.

Draw up of the organization and the processes for the department of product management as well as the "platform" order fulfilment.


Calculation of alternative logistics modells following the supply chain (SC Design-Tool) from the supplier to the client under special consideration of the cash and carry markets.


Deduction of the focuses considering the present structure of subsidiaries considering the demand that there should be 3 warehouse sites and one site is defined. This also included the assignment of the subsidiaries within different alternatives.


Development of location concept: Evaluation of the suitability of the target location in comparison to alternatives, with examination of space requirements and investment framework


Transport tender: Preparation of actual and target quantity structures, preparation and coordination of tender documents, preparation of a long list of potential providers, RFI incl. confidentiality agreement, potential analysis with existing service provider.

Optimization of the logistics at the distribution center: planning and evaluation of scenarios for the supply of the branches until 2020.

Execution of a tender for the transport services (inbound and outbound) in Austria and the CEE-region: support in the documentation of the new transport strategy, elaboration of the relevant data and information, elaboration of tender document, definition of list of bidders, execution of tender, evaluation of offers, attendance of negotiations, elaboration of service contracts.


Tendering of logistic components based on the previous masterplan: Execution of tendering, evaluation of biddings, tenderer interviews.


Quick Check of Tallinn warehouse.


Check of a concept for the amplification of a warehouse drawn up by architects (check of quantities and functions).


Identification of the focus considering the present structure of subsidiaries, definition of reasonable alternative sites followed by a site comparison (present and alternative sites).

Optimization of the warehouse locations in Slovakia, Croatia, Greece and Hungary.

Reference analysis of the site in Hausmannstätten (A), as well as additional reference analysis of the Austrian provinces Styria and Burgenland.


Masterplanning for the distribution centre in Volgograd: Investigation and analysis of the logistic processes of the stores, optimization of the whole supply chain (from the supplier to the subsidiary), planning of a new distribution centre (fresh products, food articles, non-food, chemical products, drinks, deep frozen articles).


Creation of a warehouse management system tender document, tendering process, comparison of bidders, recommendation and support for contract negotiation.


Logistics strategy for the entire company: Supply chain concept, different versions of the structure, evaluation and determination of the future logistics structure; planning and assistance with implementation for four distribution centers.


Development of an optimized F&V supply chain scenario based on an end2end analysis for fruit and vegetables in Austria.


Supply Chain Risk Management: Checking multilevel international trade and production supply chains on risks and development of emergency concept

Set up of a profit and loss account by division: Conception and prototyping.

MTH-HH GmbH - Libro/Pagro/ePlus

Overall project management for the realisation of the central warehouse in Müllendorf.

Realisation support of the logistics components at the construction of the logistics center in Müllendorf (Detail planning, call for tender, realization support, acceptance tests, follow-up support, remedial action).


MTH-HH GmbH - Pfennigpfeiffer, MäcGeiz

Optimization central warehouse concept Pfennigpfeiffer - support implementation workaround with a rented warehouse. (2010)

Extension concept central warehouse for Pfennigpfeiffer and MäcGeiza at the Landsberg site. (2014)


Optimization and planning expansion logistics and production of the company at the Pichl site: Analysis of the present situation and draw up of static and dynamic planning basics. Master planning of all alternatives, selection of the alternatives, detailing of the preferred alternative.


Enquiry of logistic cooperation with competitor: definition of core processes and KPI's, preparation and evaluation of operating figures of both businesses, calculation of optimisation potential, definition and design of implementation strategy.


Implementation support expansion of the Hagenbrunn warehouse: support of layout planning and submission procedure


Master plan review: Refined consideration of the static and dynamic quantity structures incl. measures, revision of the quantity structure for further site development, review and expansion of the existing master plan (2020)

Master planning in scenarios for the expansion of the existing central warehouse site Wels: Development of plan quantites, planning of extension scenarios in variants, comparison of variants and implementation recommendation. (2016)


Optimization of the mineral oil logistics: overall analysis of the business unit "energy" focussed on logistic processes, deduction of potentials and elaboration of an actions programme.



Development of a homogeneous purchase concept using the IT systems available without interruption. Procedures and proesses were unified within the whole region. Rules were defined which decisions/specifications have to be made locally or centrally.

Activities in further, previous projects:

- Definition of a supra regional truck controlling
- Supply management trucks
- Support implementation of an incentive system for truck drivers
- Analysis transport logistics


New revision of the present concept for the REWE-EAST location on the basis of changed strategic requirements.

Preparation of a basis for decision-making concerning the construction of a central slow-moving warehouse at the Wr. Neudorf site regarding to its location on the site and in terms of scope and form of optimal automation.


Master planning new central warehouse at the Ebreichsdorf site. Analysis of the present situation and draw up of static and dynamic planning basics. Master planning in alternatives, selection of an alternative and detailed planning of the preferred alternative.


Draw up of a company-wide mission statement for logistics including the planning of the future structure of the warehouse (critical analysis of the present situation, draw up of planning basics, draw up and evaluation of logistics concepts).


Analysis of logistics alternatives: Comparision of alternative sites in the course of the merger with ÖAG, evaluation of cost of the different site options incl. investments as well as cost of warehousing and transport.

Analysis of the dispatching: enquiry of the existent dispatching structure and processes, identification and analysis of KPIs including benchmarking, derivation of improvement and optimisation measures.


Pilot projects on “Sustainable Logistics”: Determination of optimized regional structure to minimize transportation services, audit of a regional warehouse to identify potential areas of improvement.


Konzeptstudie Logistikstandort: Vergleich Lagerstandortalternativen für den österreichischen Markt.


Quickcheck planning warehouse Schwechat: plausibility check quantity structures, critical consideration defined target processes and planned storage facilities.


Optimization of company-wide logistics processes, development of the future logistics strategy.

Company-wide logistics check, data editing and analysis for three subsidiaries, identification stock turnover in the analysed subsidiaries, correlation between turnover and stock. Analysis of the suppliers, deduction of a strenghts/weaknesses catalogue, definition of countermeasures.


Quick check of the entire warehouse operations in Mils including process organization, resource management and IT support as well as interfaces to the fleet, to sales and purchasing.


Master planning production hall: Analysis of the present situation, draw up of the planning basics, elaboration of a materialflow adjusted layout, cost estimation, comparison of outsourcing.